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The office building is situated in the very central part of the city of Sofia, at 126-128, Rakovski street. This is a busy place characterized by good communications, situated in the immediate proximity of the Rakovski Street and Patriarh Evtimi Blvd. crossing and Slaveykov Square, making it easily accessible from all directions by car,public transportation or walking.

The building has a ground floor and seven more floors above the ground level, sub-roof floor with 45о roof, and 2underground floors. The floors to be leased are accessible via a common entrance from Rakovski Street. The floors below the ground level are also accessible from Rakovski Street, by means of a loading platform for vehicles. There are technical areas and parking lots and in the underground floors for a total of 51 vehicles.

The ground floor and the first floor will accommodate shops, storage areas and sanitary units.

The office building has been designed in accordance with the latest construction technologies using high quality construction materials. The interior finishing works comply with the highest applicable standards, including:

1. Walls

1.1. Standard interior – light partition walls made of Rigips or other type of plaster boards, supported, with thickness of 10 cm, two-layered, extending from the ferro-concrete floor slab to the upper ferro-concrete slab,insulation layer of 50 mm, made of 35 kg mineral wool;

1.2. Between the office rooms – light partition walls made of Rigips or other type of plaster boards, supported,with thickness of 12,5 cm, two-layered, extending from the double floor to the upper ferro-concrete slab,insulation layer of 50 mm, made of 35 kg mineral wool;

1.3. WC walls – Brickwork with aerated concrete, with thickness of 10 cm (walls without installations) or 27 cm(walls with installed equipment), with built-in structures for the installation of wash-basins and built-in flushing cisterns “VIEGA” (or similar type).

1.4. Exterior front walls – brickwork 25 cm, red bricks, 10 cm thermal insulation wool on the front wall, facing Rakovski Street, 10 cm FIBRAN boards on the other exterior walls.

2. Floors

2.1. In the office rooms – double floor, “QUATTRO” system, wooden particles boards 38,6 mm, raster600x600, with backing Аl film, metal legs, built-in boxes for each workplace providing 2 x R J 45 terminals and three outlets. Flooring: office-type 60/60 moquette tiles, self-adhesive, antistatic, nonflammable, wear resistant;

2.2. WC and kitchens – cement flooring at the height of the double floor. Flooring: terracotta tiles or rollflooring.

2.3. In the corridors – double floor, “QUATTRO” system, wooden particles boards 38,6 mm, raster 600x600,

with backing Аl film, metal legs. Flooring: office-type 60/60 moquette tiles, self-adhesive, antistatic,

nonflammable, wear resistant;

3. Ceiling

3.1. In the office rooms – “AMF”-grid ceiling, lighting fittings for integrated installation, fire alarm sensors

according to the design;

3.2. WC and kitchens – suspended ceiling tiles made of waterproof plasterboards.

3.3. In the corridors – suspended ceiling tiles 600x600, with integrated lighting fittings, fire alarm sensors.

4. Doors

4.1. Office rooms – made of MDF, 90/200 frame, with laminated layer (HPL), steel stoppers, lock, solid type,rubber sealing for the frame, wooden frame with edges;

4.2. Entrance – made of MDF, 100/200 frame, with laminated layer (HPL), with closing mechanism, stoppers,lock, solid type, rubber sealing for the frame, metal adjustable frame;

4.3. WC doors – made of MDF, 75/200 frame, with laminated layer (HPL), stoppers, lock with WC mechanism,solid type, rubber sealing for the frame, wooden frame with edges;

5. Façade wall – exterior walls and windows – in terms of architectural design, the façade of the building facing the Rakovski Street is both visually distinct and in harmony with the other buildings in this area of the city.

The vertical structure of the façade and the distinctive dome-shaped roof enhance the visual effect of thebuilding, situated at the curve of the Rakovski Street, as viewed from the Slaveykov Square.

The façade elements are designed in accordance with the functions of the individual floors.

The design is based on a module characterized by stone (granite) wall covering and window glasses. All detailsare based on this design concept. Art deco and art Nuevo style element have been used as an allusion to thedevelopment of the city of Sofia under the influence of middle European culture and architecture.

The façade is shaped along three vertical axes, the main one having a dome-shaped roof. The office floors have windows, while the ground floor and the mezzanine have large glass cases. Both polished and non-polishedstone (granite) elements are used, combined with metal profiles and trimming. The stone tiles have integratedpyramid-shaped metal ornaments which contribute to the distinctive architectural appearance of the building.

The left part of the façade is characterized by distinctive stone (granite) covering of the staircases and the panorama-type elevators with seamless glazing. The other exterior walls have thermal insulation layer with mineral coating.



AND DOORS. Waterproof material will be installed along the perimeter of the window frames.


· Profile depth 60 mm

· Good thermal insulation due to wide insulation zone – 27,5 mm

· Window series with narrow face widths from 51 mm

· Profiles available in a variety of colours

· Concealed drainage

· Drainage at the lowest profile point

· Concealed Schüco AvanTec system fittings

· Fully concealed so as not to spoil the clean lines of the window.

· New uniform handle design for all customary opening types.

· Up to 160 kg vent weight.

· Excellent corrosion resistance up to class 4 (>240 h SSN - tested in accordance with DIN EN 1670).

· Extended horizontal, vertical adjustment as well as contact pressure adjustment

· Extensive range of profiles with face widths from 26 to 250 mm

· Insert outer frame with adapter gasket to compensate for glazing thicknesses


Insulation glazing is used, consisting of:

· 6 mm Stopray Vision-50 (with UV transmission = 0)

· 16 mm air 100%

· Laminated glazing Stratobel 3.3.1. (shatter proofness)

with Ug value = 1.3 W/m2K and light reflection rv = 19 for optimal thermal and light comfort.

6. Lighting fittings – „Philips” or “OSRAM” or compatible lighting elements, energy-saving type, dual parabolic,three sections, with mirror light-dispersing gratings. 500 lux intensity at each workplace, electronic adjustment,minimum pulsations. Integrated installation in the suspended ceiling tiles in the office rooms and in the corridors.

7. WC - floor and walls up to 2,00 m – terracotta/faience tiles, vertical boiler, “ROCA” wash basins and

accessories or compatible, “MEPA” built-in flushing cisterns or compatible, “ROCA” mixing taps (or compatible).

8. Kitchen section – cabinet installed to the wall, cabinet with integrated wash basin and “ROCA” mixing taps(or compatible).

Property № Total Area Clean Area Common parts Property type Floor Price Floor plan Pictures
Office 1 618.49 561.2 0 Office 1
Office 2 630.88 572.18 0 Office 2
Office 3 634.32 537.22 0 Office 3
Office 4 577.87 524.1 0 Office 4
Office 5 586.76 516.02 0 Office 5
Office 6 538.47 445.94 0 Office 6
Office 7 474.29 430.16 0 Office 7
Office 8 414.26 199.37 0 Office 8
Office 9-1 414.26 68.3 0 Office 8
Office 9-2 35.38 24.9 0 Office 9